UPDATE 0.4.2

Posted Saturday, 2013-06-22
Everything worked OK with the 0.4.1 update, but it was just a first stage of a 2-step update that couldn't be done in single step to avoid risk of forking. Second phase was not planned so quickly, but there was another issue found buy no one else than the PoS Creator : Sunny King. thanks to his help and support, we was able to fix potential instability issue in the future. It was originally found and fixed by Sunny King in Novacoin, and was already implemented in BitBar, but He found we needed a different approach. 
0.4.2 : 
  • Sunny Kings's fix for P2Pool blocks modifier desynchronisation issue
  • Second stage reworking  of alert system. Now updated. 
  • There is a mandatory redownload of the blockchain

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UPDATE 0.4.1

Posted Thursday, 2013-06-20
Category Updates
PoS difficulty is very low. Low diff is why even small transactions can make PoS blocks after very small amount of time, and the reward is minimal. Rounding was up to 2 decimals, rounding down. Super small rewards were below rounding and not paid.

New 0.4.1 update: 
  • no more rounding pos reward, starting from block 12500 [23.06.2013]
  • new awesome graphics made by 1Peter
Souces are on github, links to binaries in downloads section.

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Posted Monday, 2013-05-13
Category Updates
An updated client with checkpointing fix is published in download and on github.
Binaries are ready for download.

-hardcoded checkpoint added.
-dynamic checkpointing fix.

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