How Bitcoin Will Revolutionize Consumer Payments

There are many among us who are skeptical of the powers of Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin is truly coming into its own. Recently, the first BItcoin debit card was introduced.


Bitcoin is what Paypal always wanted to be.   Paypal was originally devised as a way to revolutionize payments.  However, since being sold to eBay it lost its promise and has become a stale, unreliable payment method that doesn’t offer true privacy.
Bitcoin on the other hand has the potential to truly decentralize banking and cause a financial revolution that’ll bring power back into the hands of the citizenry and away from the clutches of huge banks.

Small businesses have already started using bitcoin.   There are even many contractors who have started accepting bitcoin, which is crazy considering how most contractors are incredibly skeptical of the internet and the web.

For example, Greater Toronto Painters recently became the first painting company in Toronto to start accepting bitcoins.  The company has decided to accept bitcoin due to the owner’s passion for Bitcoin and his belief that bitcoin is the currency of the future.

Small and large companies would be wise to accept Bitcoin.  Many customers are so passionate about Bitcoin that a major deciding factor for them is whether a company will or will not accept Bitcoin.  As the years pass, this will become more and more common, and consumers will start to snub those businesses that refuse to accept Bitcoin.

Business owners owe it to themselves and their customers to modernize their payment systems and bring themselves into line with current trends, especially in regards to Bitcoin.

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